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Lauren’s Special Birthday

This session was YEARS in the making… thirteen years to be exact. But there’s just something about capturing images of people like this that makes being a photographer so worthwhile. It’s that moment when I’m editing these pictures when I’m filled with excitement thinking, YUP, I DID THAT. It’s because I was blessed enough to be asked to get behind the camera that this girl gets to remember these exact moments for the rest of her life. The birthday cake dries up, the party favors gone, but what remains are the photographs to remind us all of just how beautiful the day unfolded. Yes, to some it’s only a birthday party, but to this special girl, it became a rite of passage in becoming an official teenager.

There was just something about this party in particular that left me on the biggest high. Was it the colors captured in this vibrant volleyball theme, the BonBonerie cookies, the cake pops, the cookies ‘n creme chocolate bars, and every imaginable detail put together by Something Chic? Maybe. Or was it the to the point where — if I didn’t know how much this girl wanted these images back — I would have stretched out the editing process because I enjoyed seeing her smile THAT much! Perhaps. Whatever the case may be, I’m so lucky to have been asked by Lauren’s mom, Sang, to document this special day for her daughter. What was even more amazing was that all the birthday gifts were donated to the Dragonfly Foundation. If that doesn’t speak volumes about this girl, I don’t know what does.

Lauren and Sang, you really have a special family relationship with great friends that is real and true that even I could see — and feel — throughout the day. And for the past week, I’ve had some great reminders on the monitor in front of me. I hope you had a great birthday, Lauren. Welcome to the teenage dream.

For anyone interested in the event designer used, please contact Christina @ Something Chic. If you can’t tell, what she does goes above and beyond!

Lauren is extremely photogenic!A volleyball team or future models in the making?…and then this happens ;D A volleyball theme with Lauren’s favorite colors: green, blue and purple.   The cake pops were Lauren’s favorite! I’m not gonna lie, I really wanted to take one home ;D        An angelic moment right as Lauren was cutting her cake.  No special effects were added. Simply awesome!What a gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS family!…and playful, of course.
Lauren and Christina from Something Chic. Only Thomas would do something like this;)   He cracks me up!Even Bella got to enjoy the party… well, sort of… okay, not really. The best of friends!  Hugs all-around!